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New blog, who dis?

So I got my new blog up and running in a matter of 10 minutes. Of course that doesn’t count all the hours spent deliberating between all the potential alternatives (Medium, WordPress, MkDocs, Blogger, etc). Nor does it count all the prerequisite knowledge it takes to understand how to do, well, anything. Nonetheless, I’m sticking with 10 minutes.

I ended up going with Jekyll on GitHub Pages for a few reasons:

  1. I can edit my posts directly on GitHub and GitHub automatically recompiles the whole Jekyll site for me. This is immensely convenient.
  2. Creating it was simply a matter of forking a repo and adjusting a couple variables.
  3. The website is static once compiled, so I never need to worry about it going down.
  4. My blog is portable, so if GitHub Pages goes away I can host it pretty much anywhere else.
  5. I trust GitHub more than anyone to keep my code replicated and safe in case of a disaster scenario. Plus, I’ll always have a copy on my local machine by virtue of Git.
  6. It’s 100% free.

OK sure that was more than just a few reasons. Gotta keep you on your toes. Hopefully the convenience factor will reduce the friction to a point that I’ll be willing to write more often. We shall see…

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